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Jason “Barzini” Hannans M.Ed. has spent his life working in areas where he is tasked with guiding the trajectory of people’s lives. Working primarily in education, social services, and program development for more than twenty years, he has dedicated his time to the improvement of himself and ultimately helping other people realize their highest potential. Through his experiences, Barzini has used his story as a backdrop to the pursuit of purpose and self-discovery.

Barzini is no stranger to the lessons he teaches in his work. In his journey he has found himself going from working as a custodian at a school to becoming an Assistant Principal; from no college education to obtaining degrees in Behavioral and Social Science, Organizational Management, and a Masters in Global Training and Development; from being homeless to living in abundance. He is a living example of not only survival and perseverance, but also belief, change, and triumph.

Although he has accomplished much and withstood every test and trial, his journey is far from over, and his work is just beginning.